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Born and raised Toronto rapper, Repheal, has had his hands on music since before he even knew it was his passion. Since he was young, his parents worked to instill creativity in every aspect of his upbringing, whether that be through piano and guitar lessons, or his mother’s own influence as a Hindu artist performing live throughout his childhood. It was not until after he took to acting classes and resultant lead roles in his school plays that he realized his love for performing, and that he wanted to get back on stage -- this time solo, and with a microphone in hand.

Reph’s influence stems from infamous Toronto names such as Drake and The Weeknd, having grown up with such established artists covering the Toronto music scene. He was inspired and most impacted by their meaningful lyrics, rather than their Toronto sound, that time and time again he began to find solace in. Resulting from the connection, Reph made with this music came his own budding style, which he describes to possess a soulful trap vibe. It has always been very important to him to keep the tone of his work original, and away from the sound that has come to characterize his city.

Reph looks to artists such as Tory Lanez and 6LACK to inspire his originality and career path as he himself looks for his own sound to rise above all the noise. In doing so, he is constantly experimenting with not only new styles and genres of music, but with his passion for photography and film too. Going forward, Reph sees himself having a heavy hand in the creative aspect of his career reaching far beyond the boundaries of the music itself. He has a clear vision, and a lifetime of passion and creativity ready to be unleashed to the world. 

Pre-save Reph's debut single, "Blackout" HERE.

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REPH - BLACKOUT (Official Visualizer)

REPH - BLACKOUT (Official Visualizer)

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