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Conor Gains 2021

Conor Gains, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer makes music that evolves freely because it has been crafted outside of the box — effortlessly synthesizing the unmistakable warmth of Classic Soul and Modern R&B, with the soaring melodies of Psychedelic Southern Rock and Pop, and bound together with the precision of an artist with an ear for Jazz. As an award-winning songwriter (he’s a past recipient of the Cobalt Prize Contemporary Blues Composition Award, recognizing innovation and creativity in songwriting), Gains has sharpened his performing chops as a dynamic, road-ready musician.


With thousands of shows and festival appearances around the globe under his belt—from darkened clubs to sunny festival stages, he’s caught the attention of critics. FYI Music called Gains “a meticulous songwriter with a great voice and considerable guitar chops;” and The Montreal Gazette described Gains’ role in the B.B. King tribute as a contribution to both the “history and the life-force of the music.” Gains is direct about what he wants his music to remedy, inspired by a lineage of artists who have long reflected the reality of an increasingly divided world. Now, he is retrofitting the motives of his influences into a much-needed contribution — in a world starved of healing, Conor Gains is delivering us the music medicine.

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Conor Gains - Light Shine In

Conor Gains - Light Shine In

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