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Aidan Skira - In Your Shoes
19-year old Aidan Skira is driven by a visceral need to get his dark yet hopeful perspective out into the world. Skira’s “sheltered upbringing" hid him from the atrocities of the modern world. Now, deep into the trails and tribulations of adolescence, he’s using his music and animations to makes sense of it all. A one man show, he’s is self-taught, self-produced, and self-animated. Wit an organic following of bedroom-music-heads and kids from the suburbs who relate to the heartbreak of being exposed to the truths of life, Aidan Skira knows he has a unique perspective to share - and he's bringing his people with him.

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Aidan Skira - In Your Shoes (Audio)

Aidan Skira - In Your Shoes (Audio)

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