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“Who the $%@& are The Heist?” This question is all to familiar to the four friends based in Toronto, Ontario, who formed the eponymous pop band in late 2014. After moving to Canada from South Africa, Seth Meyer met brothers Steven and Spencer Porter through a mutual love of pop music. They soon acquired Tyler through Tinder (yes, the dating app… you’ll have to ask them), and the band was complete.

“We all had our own thing going on,” explains Seth, “Playing and singing and working on our own solo careers. But jamming together just clicked.”

After posting some creative cover songs to YouTube (and earning a few hundred thousand views in the meantime) the group was discovered by international pop star Alyssa Reid, and invited to feature on her 2015 smash hit Dangerous.

Now having inked a record deal with Canadian indie label Wax Records, The Heist has arrived with their debut single – the infectious tropical anthem “All I Want”.


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