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B & Steve

B & Steve are a dynamic rap/comedy/pop duo consisting of rapper B.Rich and “friggin buddy” Steve Corn. They are ambassadors of Canadian culture and shared their enjoyable lyrics and catchy beats with the world in 2013. Their smash hit video “Out for a Rip” now has over 8.5 million views on YouTube and put them on the map as viral sensations.

The boys are back in 2015 with a new video for the Toronto Blue Jays. The “Home Run Anthem” featuring the legendary Kelly Gruber kicks off the Blue Jays playoff fever. Both hits were written by BRich aka Brendan Richmond, Steve aka Eli Abrams and Michael Freeland aka Mickey Free and the new track was recorded in their hometown of Kingston Ontario. Wax Records is proud to have these guys as part of the label family!

Check out the Home Run Anthem HERE



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