Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill is, Mike Robins and Tareya Green.

Toronto born Mike Robins has been a rising star to watch in the Toronto music scene for several years. As a singer, songwriter, and guitarist extraordinaire, Mikes passion for music has taken him touring across the world as well as living in Los Angeles and Nashville.

From the early age of 5, Calgary native Tareya Green has taken every opportunity to explore her incredible vocal gift. Throughout her childhood she honed her skills as a singer and songwriter, performing with choirs and youth groups, and seeking out the best vocal and music coaches Canada had to offer.

As these talented young artists pursued their solo careers, they both separately signed deals with Canadian indie label Wax Records. Fate struck soon after, as the pair met at a holiday party and began to jam on a new song together. A few minutes later, the music had been switched off, the party conversations had faded, and the whole room gathered around to hear the harmony that came so naturally to Mike and Tareya. On that night, Autumn Hill was born.

Since that moment, the new duo were inseparable, and began to form plans of how to bring Autumn Hill to life. The following months found the pair writing with a who’s-who of top Nashville writers, carefully crafting each song of what is to be their upcoming debut album. As the album began to take shape, it seemed only natural to record their hard-earned songs in ‘Music City’, and so the duo spent the summer of 2012 laying down their hearts, souls, and harmonies in Nashville. As autumn has returned to Toronto, so has Autumn Hill, bringing with them their debut single, “Anything At All”.


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