Conceived in the Gaelic mists of Scotland, Wildlife was born when lead singer/guitarist Dean Povinsky relocated to Glascow from Kingston Ontario in 2005 with his Queens University college mate/guitarist Darryl Smith. After spending time in the dark rainy climes of Scotland, writing, recording and playing small venues, homesickness set in and the band members decided to abandon the project and return to Canada.

Upon his return to Canada, Dean moved to Toronto and reconstituted the band with childhood friend and guitarist Graham Plant, they brought in drummer Dwayne Christie, bassist Derek Bosomwith and Tim Daugulis on keyboards. The newly minted version of Wildlife immediately began building their vision for the future, writing, recording and playing gigs throughout Southern Ontario. Word of the band’s music began to spread swiftly, winning over the hearts and minds of indie rock fans everywhere and garnering much early love from music critics on both sides of the border.

“Bold, full of angst and to the point but also filled with youthful exuberance and affirming righteousness” Exclaim Magazine.

This apt description is a perfect point of reference when attempting to encapsulate the essence of Wildlife. The Toronto based band is a living breathing entity, a shining example of the sum being greater than its parts. Word of the collective magic that these five talented musicians create each time they come together to play continues to spread like wildfire, as witnessed by the steadily growing crowds that come to see the band whenever they perform. It is without doubt the transformative alchemy of the band’s live shows that turns each first time listener into a hardcore believer.

The band’s first full length outing ‘Strike Hard, Young Diamond” captured that live lightening in a bottle. From the angular jangle of the upbeat album opener ‘Stand In The Water’ to the rebellious shout of lead singer Dean Povinsky to “hold your head up!” on the epic ‘Sea Dreamer’ and the bass line driven somber sweep of “Drunken Heart” through the slow build to explosive climax on ‘Killing For Fun’ the album’s twelve sides created an emotional journey that spanned from eternal optimism to raucous joyfulness, to open defiance and somber reflection. It’s a trip that once taken makes you want to repeat it again and again.

After several continent-spanning tours, and sharing the stage with Holerado, J. Mascis, Young The Gaint, and many others, Wildlife once again returned to the studio to create their follow-up effort. Joining forces with legendary producers Peter Katis (Interpol, The National) and Gus Van Go (The Stills, Holerado), the band set their minds to creating their definitive work. In vocalist Dean Povinskys own words, ” The new record is about the engine that drives us and carries us along that road…it is a love letter, an essay on the HEART: everything it does for us, to us, how it hurts us, helps and keeps us going. It pushes life through our bodies and feeds our little souls. We put our hearts into making this thing, completely, with all the violence and romance we could muster.”

The bands sophomore album “…On The Heart” will be available on March 5, 2013 from Wax Records.



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  1. marshalll says:

    awesome sound!!

  2. Dannick says:

    Great band, continue

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