Wildlife, an epic Indie Rock band from Toronto, has just returned from the depths of Canadian winter with their first offering since the 2013 landmark album “On The Heart”. Years of touring north america lead to the bands fought first top 10 radio hit with Lightning Tent, and all the while the makings of a new album were brewing. This pent up creative energy is immediately apparent with the new track, as it sounds ready to crackle and burst at the seems. Dead Century a raucous anthem, capturing Wildlife’s signature unrestrained live energy, with the added world-class sparkle courtesy of legendary producer Tawgs Salter. Frontman Dean Povinsky’s voice soars over the ebbs of guitar and bass, which give way to bombastic drums and the proclamation “it’s all been forgotten, this Dead Century”.

Dead Century is a powerful flag-bearer of the bands TBA brand new full length album, due out late summer 2016.




2 Responses to “Wildlife”
  1. marshalll says:

    awesome sound!!

  2. Dannick says:

    Great band, continue

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